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Whisky is now made all around the world, from Bourbon County, Kentucky all the way down to the island of Tasmania off Australia’s Southern tip. Furthermore, the range of styles made all over the globe has never been more diverse. There are corn and wheat whiskies made across the US, rye whiskey made in the Netherlands, single malts produced in Sweden, grain whiskies distilled in Ireland and innovative blended malts created in Japan – amongst many, many more. All of these countries paint an ever more complex picture of the world of whisky, and are well worth exploring.

Top Picks

Green Spot is a delicious Irish "single pot still" whiskey. Critically acclaimed, we highly recommend this…
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One of our all-time favourite Japanese whiskies, From the Barrel is a superb blended malt made with whisky from Nikka's award-winning single malt distilleries
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Yellow Spot is a 12 year old Irish single pot still whiskey, made with three casks Spanish sherry butts, Spanish Malaga casks and bourbon barrels.
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Launched in 1984, Yamazaki's 12 year old was the first seriously marketed single malt from Japan. It's a beautiful dram too…
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This comes from Nikka's superb Taketsuru range of blended malt whiskies, named for the company's founder. The 21 year old is rich with coffee and chocolate notes and it was named the World's Best Blended Malt Whisky in 2010 at the World Whiskies Awards.
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Yoichi's 10 year old is an incredible Japanese single malt from Nikka's top distillery. This has been awarded an impressive 93 points by Jim Murray, and it's easy to see why…
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This is a superb little whisky from the Balcones distillery in Texas. It was "yard-aged" in American oak bourbon barrels before bottling in 2012. The result is a spicy and complex American single malt
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A 12 year old single pot still whiskey from Ireland, Powers John Lane's Reserve is aged in both bourbon and Oloroso sherry wood before bottling. Very good indeed.
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A rich Irish single malt aged in three different casks (bourbon, port and sherry), Bushmills 16 year old took home a gold from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2010.
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Named in honour of Midleton's master distiller, Barry Crockett Legacy is aged in bourbon and new American oak barrels and they make just 2,500 bottles of this annually.
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