Vermouth is a style of drink based on either red or white wine, and flavoured with herbs, spices and fruit. Vermouths are traditionally enjoyed as aperitifs or digestifs. Vermouths are also popular in the cocktail world, where either the sweeter, red wine-based red vermouth or the drier, white wine-based white vermouth can bring all kinds of depth. The word Vermouth actually comes from the German for the classic bittering agent wormwood: “Wermut”. It is said that the drink was first made in Turin in 1757 by Antonio Benedetto Carpano, creator of the recipe for the legendary Antica Formula.


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Lillet Blanc
(75cl, 17%)
Lillet Blanc is one of the classic vermouths, and is great as an aperitif, or in cocktails. This is produced in Bordeaux and is made with white wines from the region, as well as fruit, brandy, herbs...  More info
Punt E Mes
(75cl, 16%)
Punt e Mes is an Italian red vermouth with a beautifully herbal character - a great addition to many fine cocktails, as well as being a superb aperitif in its own right.  More info
Antica Formula Carpano is an excellent red vermouth. It is made to the recipe of the man credited with inventing modern vermouth - Antonio Benedetto Carpano. This vermouth works wonders in Negronis...  More info
A vermouth blanc from Dolin, an independent French producer from the region of Chambéry.  More info
This English Spiced Vermouth is made from wine produced at Chapel Down in Kent and flavoured with English botanicals for a rich and spicy flavour. This red vermouth makes for an excellent Negroni with...  More info
Martini Gran Lusso
(100cl, 16%)
A limited edition Martini vermouth crafted especially over a number of years to celebrate Martini's 150th anniversary. The 'luxury' vermouth is produced using red Barbera and white Trebbiano wines and...  More info
The region of Chambéry is the only AOC region in France for vermouths, with Dolin being the only independent producer left in the region. This red vermouth is created from the finest ingredients, no...  More info
Noilly Prat is one of the world's best white wine-based vermouths, and is known for being the original Dry Martini vermouth of choice. To make it, white wine is aged in oak for a year before a blend...  More info
Pineau des Charentes is a type of French fortified wine that you do not see in many vermouths, although it does feature in the La Quintinye selection, imparting a unique twist on the traditional...  More info
Martini Rosso
(75cl, 15%)
Martini Rosso is a world-famous red vermouth from Italy, first created in 1863.  More info
This Dry vermouth is from top producer Dolin, the only remaining independent producer in the vermouth region of Chambéry.  More info
With the fine selection of 21 herbs, spice, fruits and flowers, as well as DOGC Asti Muscat wine, the Riserva Carlo Alberto Vermut Sec is a supremely dry Italian vermouth, making it perfect for...  More info
Martini Extra Dry
(75cl, 15%)
Martini's Extra Dry vermouth is a classic cocktail ingredient which is used in a bevy of legendary quaffs including the Manhattan…  More info
The Riserva Carlo Alberto red vermouth is made using 27 herbs and spices, creating an excellent aperitif vermouth. The recipe is said to have come from King Carlo Alberto in the 1800s.  More info
This delicious bittersweet vermouth was first made by the Giulio Cocchi Spumanti company in 1891. In 2011, the company resumed the production, making this to an original recipe which uses Moscato wine...  More info
Cocchi Barolo Chinato
(50cl, 16.50%)
Cocchi Barolo Chinato is a fortified red wine that has been infused with a satisfying blend of bitter and sweet ingredients for a complex and delicious after-meal drink.  More info
Cinzano Bianco
(75cl, 15%)
A tasty sweet Italian vermouth with a fragrant, rich aroma, Cinzano Bianco is a great pre-dinner drink and is best enjoyed long with lemonade and plenty of ice.  More info
Lillet Rose
(75cl, 17%)
Lillet Rose is pitched as a halfway house between the classic Rouge and Blanc vermouths. This particular bottling is made with both red and white Grand Cru wine from Bordeaux, as well as quinine from...  More info
Bitter Truth Elixier
(50cl, 30%)
Elixier is a German liqueur from The Bitter Truth, based on herbal Alpine digestive tonics and sweet vermouth…  More info
This is a Rosso Amaranto Vermouth from Mancino Vermouth, a new brand named after the famous bartender Giancarlo Mancino. The recipe is made with a blend of 38 botanicals, natural spirit and a base of...  More info
A 75cl bottling of white vermouth from Martini & Rossi that dates back to the 1970s. Rare and great for vintage cocktails.  More info
Lillet Rouge
(75cl, 17%)
Lillet Rouge is a red version of the classic vermouth, based on a blend of red wine, herbs and fruits. Great in cocktails, or chilled as an aperitif.  More info
La Quintinye Vermouth Royal Blanc is part of a new range of vermouths made using Pineau des Charentes wine, which is uncommon for the spirit. Using a delightful array of herbal along with this...  More info
Cinzano Rosso
(75cl, 15%)
Cinzano Rosso is a dark, sweet version of the classic vermouth, made with herbs, spices and red wine. Wonderful as an aperitif.  More info
Cinzano Extra Dry
(75cl, 15%)
An extra dry vermouth from the Campari company, try Cinzano as a refreshing aperitif.  More info
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