The Lost Distilleries

Scotland’s Lost Distilleries are some of the most legendary distilleries in the world, and are very, very popular with connoisseurs and collectors. All of the whiskies on this page were sourced from distilleries which have sadly shut down for good – many of them doing so decades ago. There are a surprisingly high number of closed distilleries, and this is due to the various economic difficulties in the 20th century. The First and Second World Wars, and US Prohibition all had a negative impact on the industry and, after World War II, a surge in demand meant that many distilleries were built in quick succession. After demand dropped, a great number of Scotch distilleries were forced to close, with the majority shutting down in the 1980s. Whiskies from the lost distilleries of Scotland are very, very hard to get hold of, and a real treat if you can!

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Duncan Taylor produce the Tantalus range with the intention of bottling extremely rare whiskies and presenting them in elegant, exuberant ways. This 41 year old single malt Scotch whisky was distilled...  More info
Kinclaith distillery was built at the site of Strathclyde grain distillery in 1957 before being dismantled in 1975. With the malt whisky produced having primarily been used in the Long John blend...  More info
A very rare release of single malt Scotch whisky distilled by Banff, a distillery which closed in 1983. Their whisky is not seen very often, though collectors value it greatly. This release comes as...  More info

Convalmore is a closed distilling, shutting down in 1985. This 36 year old released for Diageo's 2013 Special Releases is a very exciting bottling. Just 2,980 are...  More info
Signatory have bottled this thirty-two year old Glenlochy for their Cask Strength Collection of whiskies. The Glenlochy distillery was closed in 1983, a year that saw eight distilleries close across...  More info
A very rare release of 30 year old Port Ellen single malt Scotch whisky which has been bottled by Duncan Taylor. The Islay distillery was closed in 1983 and has been greatly missed since then...  More info
The whisky from Port Ellen distillery has become nothing short of legendary. Last distilled in 1983 (the distillery closed permanently in 1987), it is a single malt from Islay that tends to take on...  More info
Maturing in a sherry butt from October 1990 to November 2013 has imparted a number of fantastic qualities to this single malt Scotch whisky from the closed Imperial distillery. Part of the Old & Rare...  More info
A Rare Malts bottling of Rosebank single malt Scotch whisky from the Rosebank distillery. Despite being mothballed in 1993, we are still able to enjoy their expressions through bottlings like this. It...  More info
Littlemill is a closed distillery, and as such we're particularly proud to be able to offer you this single cask release. It was distilled just months before production stopped and only 273 bottles of...  More info
A 21 year old Caperdonich single malt Scotch whisky bottled for the Duncan Taylor Single selection, which takes rare, well matured whiskies and houses them in decadent presentation boxes. The...  More info
The Imperial distillery in Speyside was closed in 1998 and has sadly remained so since then. This release of their whisky was distilled in 1995. It was drawn from two casks and bottled by Signatory...  More info
This excellent addition to the Mackillop's Choice range is a single cask release of Port Ellen single malt, distilled in June 1982 and bottled in March 2014. The distillery was closed in 1983 and has...  More info
This is a handsome set with two handsome decanters from Signatory, both of which were distilled the Littlemill distillery (now closed) in 1967. Very rare and both at natural cask strength, the peated...  More info
This 22 year old Imperial was distilled in 1990 and aged in a single bourbon cask (11972) before being selected and bottled by Mackillop's in March of 2013.  More info
This is a 47 year old Highland whisky from the now-demolished Lochside distillery. It was distilled in 1965 and bottled by Adelphi.  More info
Production at the now demolished Lochside distillery ceased in 1992 and it is now becoming increasing sought after. Unusually it was both a malt and grain distillery, with this blend using both from...  More info
This is a 45 year old single cask grain whisky from Douglas Laing, distilled in 1965 and bottled for the Clan Denny range.  More info
This was distilled at the Caledonian grain whisky distilled in 1965 before a 45 year maturation in a single bourbon barrel (cask number 7501). It was bottled for Duncan Taylor's stupendous Clan Denny...  More info
Lochside distillery was mothballed back in 1992 and dismantled in 1997. In 2005 the buildings were subsequently demolished. Increasingly, whisky from this closed highland distillery is becoming sought...  More info
This delicious Glenury Royal was bottled for the 2011 Diageo Special Releases. It was distilled in 1970 and aged for 40 years before bottling. Full of flavour.  More info
This delicious single cask Banff was distilled in August 1975 and aged for 37 years before bottling for the Rarest of the Rare range from Duncan Taylor in 2012. This is a natural cask strength whisky.  More info
Distilled at Ladyburn, a now closed distillery in Ayrshire, this rare single cask release spent a maturation period of 37 years in a bourbon barrel before bottling in 2013 as part of Signatory's Cask...  More info
This is a natural cask strength bottling of 36 year old Glenury Royal, distilled in 1970. Very complex stuff.  More info
A rich, intense Rare Ayrshire, distilled in 1975 and aged in bourbon barrel 3416 for 36 years before bottling for the Cask Strength Collection from Signatory.  More info
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