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Vodka is the world’s best-selling spirit, enjoyed worldwide thanks to its neutral flavour and the ease of which it can be used in various drinks. Despite this, in the Nordic and Eastern European countries, it is most commonly enjoyed neat. The word itself comes from the Slavic word “voda”, meaning water, with the earliest recorded mention of the spirit being in a set of Polish court documents dating back to 1405. The Russians also have a claim to the spirit, with various ancient records of vodka contained within early pharmaceutical lists. It is interesting to consider that, prior to the 1950s, vodka was rarely drunk outside of Europe. Today, however, it is a spirit more popular than rum and whisky.

Vodka can be quite simply defined as a neutral-tasting distilled spirit. It can be made from a great variety of ingredients, with various cereal grains, potatoes, grapes and sugars used in its production. Distillation often takes place several times, in a bid to purify and neutralise the flavour, and many vodka distilleries make use of multiple filtrations as well. Below you’ll see a huge selection of 3cl samples of vodka from around the world, including the superb Siberian vodka, Mamont, the legendary Grey Goose from France, and new, artisan-style vodkas such as Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka.

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A wonderful raspberry-flavoured vodka from Russia, Stolichnaya Razberi is distilled from wheat, made with glacial water, and naturally flavoured with fresh raspberries.  More info
Grey Goose L'Orange is a French orange-flavoured vodka made with limestone-filtered water. Every bottle contains the essences of a kilo of Brazilian and Floridian oranges... It's handsomely packaged...  More info
Cold River is a superb vodka made in Maine. For their Blueberry Vodka they steep blueberries in alcohol and then filter the spirit. After this, they dilute it with pure water, add a hint of sugar and...  More info
A cranberry-flavoured Finnish vodka, Finlandia Cranberry Fusion was released in 1994 and it works nicely in a Cosmopolitan.  More info
Finlandia Grapefruit Fusion is a tangy, zesty, grapefruit-flavoured vodka from Finland. It's great in a variety of cocktails.  More info
Mekhong is a very popular Thai spirit, often described as Thai whisky. It's distilled from 95% molasses and 5% rice and is a favourite of tourists in South East Asia.  More info
Belvedere Black Raspberry is a Polish rye vodka which is flavoured with rose petals, raspberries and blackcurrants.  More info
This is a tasty passion-fruit-flavoured vodka from the New Zealand vodka company, 42 Below.  More info
Made in Poland, Lanique is a superbly floral vodka made using Attar of Rose (which is, pound for pound, worth more than solid gold!). This is produced to a 150 year old recipe and it's really rather...  More info
Made in San Francisco, this is Skyy vodka with a twist - it's flavoured with Passion Fruit!  More info
Skyy Citrus 3cl Sample
(3cl, 37.5%)
Made in San Francisco, Skyy Citrus is an American vodka with a tangy, zesty citrus flavour.  More info
Made in American, Square One's cucumber-flavoured vodka is based on spirit distilled from organic rye grains…  More info
Distilled in America from organic American rye grains, Square One Botanical vodka is made with pear, chamomile, rosemary and lavender.  More info
Smirnoff Green Apple is a fruit-flavoured version of the classic Russian vodka, distilled in pot stills and filtered through seven tons of charcoal before it is flavoured with apple…  More info
This is a delicious basil-flavoured vodka made in the USA by Square One. It’s flavoured with lemongrass, honeysuckle and coriander, as well as the following basil varieties: Lemon, Sweet, Thai and...  More info
Aivy Red is a superb Swedish vodka with a delicious tart, tangy, fresh flavour. It is flavoured with lime, lemon and pomegranate.  More info
Chase Marmalade Vodka is a delicious spirit made in Herefordshire. It's flavoured with Seville Orange Marmalade.  More info
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Belvedere's Bloody Mary Vodka is a lovely Polish spirit made especially for use in the Bloody Mary cocktail. It's made by steeping the key ingredients from the classic drink: horseradish, black...  More info
This is a half-litre bottle of cranberry-flavoured vodka from Helsinki. This works very well in a Cosmopolitan cocktail.  More info
Stolichnaya Chocolat Razberi is, as the name suggests, a superb vodka flavoured with chocolate and raspberries! It's made by top Russian vodka distillers, Stolichnaya. Delicious.  More info
A tasty jalapeño flavoured vodka from well-regarded producer Stolichnaya.  More info
This is a manuka honey-flavoured vodka from the New Zealand vodka company 42 Below. Very good stuff.  More info
Unlike most vodkas, Ciroc vodka is not made with grain. It's actually produced with French grapes which are harvested when they are frozen and distilled an impressive 5 times. This flavoured edition...  More info
Koskenkorva 013 Vanilla is a high quality vodka from Finland which has been continuously distilled for purity and flavoured with vanilla to add an indulgent, sugary flavour profile to the spirit.  More info
Mixing the subtle, smooth tastes of coconut milk with sweet, luxurious chocolate and the world famous Stolichnaya Vodka.  More info
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