Herb Liqueurs

Many herbals liqueurs were first created for medicinal purposes, and there are several examples of liqueur created by monks. Here you'll find all sorts of herbal liqueurs, flavoured with anything from mint to coriander.

Liqueurs/Herb Liqueurs

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Summer Fruit Cup
(50cl, 31.20%)
The Summer Fruit Cup is a quintessentially English drink, so Professor Cornelius Ampleforth has produced his own. Cucumber, strawberries, oranges and mint are macerated in wheat spirit before being...  More info
This is a 50cl half litre bottle of Edinburgh Gin's superb raspberry-flavoured gin liqueur, made with juniper from Scotland.  More info
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Green Chartreuse
(70cl, 55%)
Chartreuse Green has been made by Carthusian monks for nearly four centuries. It's a rich, spicy digestive once thought to be an "elixir of long life". It's not. It is very tasty though.  More info
(70cl, 11%)
Aperol is one of Italy's best-loved aperitifs, and it dates back to 1919. In some ways similar to Campari, Aperol is a slightly sweeter alternative flavoured with orange and rhubarb.  More info
Produced in France by Edmond Briottet, this is a superbly rich and fresh-tasting liqueur. It is made by macerating rhubarb in spirit for a period of two months. The spirit absorbs all the flavour, as...  More info
Licor Fino Legui
(100cl, 29.90%)
Made in Argentina, Legui is a tasty herbal liqueur which is best served over ice or neat.  More info
The first pastis made in the UK, the Cornish Pastis is a beautiful example of the French spirit. Produced with aniseed, star anise, liqourice, citrus zest and Gorse flowers from Cornish clifftops...  More info
Taylor's Velvet Falernum is a very interesting liqueur made in Barbados. It was created in 1890 by John D Taylor of Bridgetown, and it's made with lime, almond, cloves and sugar cane. Very good...  More info
Liquore Strega
(70cl, 40%)
Liquore Strega is a classic Italian liqueur made with around seventy different herbs and spices, including fennel, mint and saffron. The saffron gives this digestif its yellow hue…  More info
Licor 43 is a delicious citrus- and vanilla-flavoured liqueur from Spain made with 43 different ingredients.  More info
A wonderful new flavour from Edinburgh Gin, mixing autumnal spices with rounded citrus waves. Would go superbly in a hot farmhouse cider for a real winter warmer.  More info
A superb French liqueur original created as a medicinal beverages for monks as they worked, Bénédictine D.O.M. is a herbal, spicy concoction…  More info
(70cl, 38%)
Becherovka is a superb Czech liqueur made to a secret recipe with oodles of spice and honey flavour.  More info
A Polish liqueur with a rich, spicy flavour, Old Krupnik is flavoured with honey and traditional herbs…  More info
Luxardo's Maraschino is distilled from Marasca cherries. They include the crushed cherry pits in the recipe, which results in a slight almond flavour in the finished product. Delicious.  More info
Pimm's No 3 Winter
(70cl, 25%)
Pimm's No. 3 is a slightly more spicy, rich take on the standard No. 1 Cup. This particular bottling has brandy at its core, and is flavoured with caramel, cinnamon and orange - perfect for cold...  More info
A small batch liqueur from the Jade company, this is made with Louisiana Perique tobacco (one of the world's rarest tobaccos) and the resultant libation is spicy, oaky and herbal.  More info
Patrón XO Café is a very tasty Mexican coffee liqueur from Jalisco. It is made with tequila and natural coffee essences. Best of all, it's not overtly sweet and is a more complex, flavoursome liqueur...  More info
Made in Bolivia, Agwa is flavoured with green tea, guarana, ginseng and Bolivian coca leaves. It was awarded a Silver Medal (best in class) at the International Wine and Spirit Awards.  More info
The Viriana China-China liqueur has been made by French producer Bigallet since the 1800s using a blend of sweet and bitter orange peels alongside a selection of botanicals and a pinch of sugar. The...  More info
Yellow Chartreuse
(70cl, 40%)
The yellow version of Chartreuse is a slightly milder version of the classic Green Chartreuse. It's herbal and very tasty.  More info
Pimm's No 1 Cup
(70cl, 25%)
Pimm's No.1 Cup is a classic English Summer drink made with a gin base and a range of botanicals including cucumber. Excellent stuff.  More info
(70cl, 35%)
A classic German liqueur, made to a recipe created in the 7th century, Jägermeister is a blend of fruits, spices and herbs and is named for the German for "Master of the Hunt".  More info
Xanath Liqueur
(70cl, 19%)
Xanath is a tasty vanilla liqueur which is made by the Gaya family in Mexico. This is endorsed by anthropologist and vanilla expert Patricia Rain…  More info
Agavero is a tequila liqueur from Jalisco. It's made with blue agave tequila which is matured in charred white oak. This is then blended with essences of the Damian Flower….  More info
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