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We have a wide range of fruit liqueurs, flavoured with anything from apples and oranges to rare, exotic fruits.

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An antique bottle produced in the 1960s. Vieux Moulin Persico Liqueur was made by Borra & Grosso. It is a peach flavoured liqueur made over 40 years ago - highly collectible.  More info
Summer Fruit Cup
(50cl, 31.20%)
The Summer Fruit Cup is a quintessentially English drink, so Professor Cornelius Ampleforth has produced his own. Cucumber, strawberries, oranges and mint are macerated in wheat spirit before being...  More info
Fireball Liqueur
(70cl, 33%)
A spicy, rich liqueur, Fireball is made with cinnamon and Canadian whisky. The Chicago Beverage Testing Institute awarded it 87 points.  More info
Stay warm when winter rolls in with Jack Daniel's Winter Jack, an apple whiskey punch made to be sipped heated up. A warming mix of cinnamon, clove, apple cider liqueur and Jack Daniel's Tennessee...  More info
A superb liqueur produced in The Netherlands, DeKuyper's XO Cherry Brandy is a blend of XO Cognac from the premier Grande Champagne region, as well as four kinds of cherry. It comes smartly packaged...  More info
Kirsberry is a Danish cherry liqueur made from top-quality, fresh Danish cherries. It's made to an ancient family recipe and has remained the same for more than a century! We recommend you try it on...  More info
Taylor's Velvet Falernum is a very interesting liqueur made in Barbados. It was created in 1890 by John D Taylor of Bridgetown, and it's made with lime, almond, cloves and sugar cane. Very good...  More info
(70cl, 11%)
Aperol is one of Italy's best-loved aperitifs, and it dates back to 1919. In some ways similar to Campari, Aperol is a slightly sweeter alternative flavoured with orange and rhubarb.  More info
A delicious American liqueur from Leopold Bros, this is made with whiskey and a range of different apples, including everything from Golden Delicious to rare Macoun apples. The fruit is allowed to...  More info
Koko Kanu
(70cl, 37.50%)
Koko Kanu is a naturally flavoured rum produced in Kingston, Jamaica and flavoured naturally with coconut. It is named for the country's Arawak Indians.  More info
Licor 43 is a delicious citrus- and vanilla-flavoured liqueur from Spain made with 43 different ingredients.  More info
Pimm's No 3 Winter
(70cl, 25%)
Pimm's No. 3 is a slightly more spicy, rich take on the standard No. 1 Cup. This particular bottling has brandy at its core, and is flavoured with caramel, cinnamon and orange - perfect for cold...  More info
This Crème de Figue (fig liqueur) is made by the top producer, Edmond Briottet, in Dijon, France. Very fruity and great in cocktails or even desserts.  More info
Luxardo's Maraschino is distilled from Marasca cherries. They include the crushed cherry pits in the recipe, which results in a slight almond flavour in the finished product. Delicious.  More info
Brandy, fresh cream, chocolate and a gorgeous current of orange create the Lyme Bay Winery Orange Chocolate Liqueur, perfect for sipping after dinner.  More info
St Germain is a French liqueur flavoured with lemon and elderflower blossom sourced from the French Alps! Very good in cocktails…  More info
User Rating:  Rating (4.0/5)
Edmond Briottet's Crème de Pêche liqueur is made by steeping sun-ripened peaches in spirit before bottling. It works well with sparkling wine…  More info
A deliciously floral liqueur produced at the Chase distillery (makers of some superb potato vodka). this is made with nothing other than a top-quality vodka base, sugar, and fresh elderflowers…  More info
User Rating:  Rating (4.0/5)
Cherry Marnier
(70cl, 24%)
Cherry Marnier is a superb cherry liqueur prepared with morello cherries. When they make this stuff, they include the ground up cherry pits in the recipe, thus proffering a delicious almond-like...  More info
Camel Limoncello
(70cl, 28%)
This is a delicious artisanal limoncello made with juicy sun-ripened lemons from the Amalfi Coast at the south of Italy.  More info
A very fine Pink Grapefruit liqueur from Giffard, Crème Pamplemousse is made with all-natural ingredients.  More info
Cuvée du Centenaire is an ultra-premium liqueur from Grand Marnier, made with orange essence and Cognac from the two top designations (the Grande Champagne and the Petite Champagne). This was first...  More info
(70cl, 40%)
Perhaps the world's most famous Triple Sec orange liqueur, Cointreau is rich and flavoursome and stands as a key ingredient in many fine cocktails including the Cosmopolitan and the Margarita.  More info
A crème à la fraise des bois (wild strawberry liqueur) from Edmond Briottet, the Dijon-based company makes this by macerating fresh wild strawberries in spirit. After the alcohol has absorbed their...  More info
Pimm's No 6 Vodka Cup
(70cl, 25%)
Pimm's No. 6 cup is a take on the classic gin-based recipe, this time made with Vodka. Originally known as a Vodka Sling, this works well when served just like the classic Pimm's - with fruit...  More info
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