Grappa is Italy’s famous grape brandy, and it is the country’s answer to French Marc – both Grappa and Marc are distilled from the pomace left over during the winemaking process. There are many different styles of grappa, from unaged or young spirits, to well-aged, complex grappa which can be matured in all manner of exotic woods including plum and ash!


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A very special grappa from Nardini, the Riserva is made for those with a taste for a sweeter, warming palate than the original Bianco. Selectively chosen Italian grape pomace create the spirit, which...  More info
Nardini Grappa Bianca
(70cl, 50%)
The Nardini distillery and grapperia was opened in 1779 by Bortolo Nardini. For over 200 years, it has been producing fantastic grappa shipped worldwide, making it the oldest operating distillery in...  More info
Artigiana Cividina is a traditional, artisan grappa from Bepi Tosolini. It has a lovely crisp flavour.  More info
Specially bottled in beautiful decanters and housed in wooden boxes, the Bepi Tosolini Grappa di Tocai Castagno Barrique is an Italian grappa which has been rested in casks made from chestnut wood.  More info
Infused with juniper berries from Mount Grappa, Italy, along with a mix of botanicals, this grappa based liqueur is incredibly unique in almost every way. The unexpected directions Nardini took with...  More info
This white grappa is produced in the Friuli region by Bepi Tosolini. Acquavite di Mosto d'Uva comes in a smart, blown-glass bottle!  More info
Bepi Tosolini's Barrique de Frassino is a premium Italian grappa aged in ash wood barriques. The result is sublime.  More info
Aged for five years in smaller-than-usual barrels, this Grappa has been enriched with the scents of oak which works incredibly well with the intense fruit notes from this grape pomace brandy. It was...  More info
A 50cl bottle of Bepi Tosolini's grappa distilled from Moscato grape pomace, this is full of flavour.  More info
This is a pomace brandy distilled from Pinot Grigio grape must. It's made by Bepi Tosolini, and the company recommends serving it at around 10 to 12C…  More info
This is a 1.5 litre bottle of Bepi Tosolini's fine grappa Most di Moscato Rosa, distilled from the must of Moscato Rosa grapes. After distillation it is aged in stainless steel vats for around 6...  More info
In order to introduce more people to grappa, the Italian grape pomace spirit, one of Italy's biggest producers has bottled it at different strengths to appeal to a wider audience. The Smooth 40, as...  More info
Bocchino Gran Moscato
(70cl, 40%)
Bocchino Gran Moscato is an aged Italian grappa distilled from Moscato d'Asti grapes.  More info
Nardini Grappa Ruta
(70cl, 43%)
A sensuous, seductive grappa flavoured with rue, a bitter herb that is said to be an aphrodisiac, the Nardini Grappa Ruta is wonderfully intense. The spring of rue in the bottle gives it a naturally...  More info
FEW Grappa
(75cl, 55%)
Grappa is made from distilled grape skins and seeds and with America's thriving wine industry, it is no surprise that the excellent FEW Spirits distillery have chosen to produce this American grappa.  More info
Aniapa Malbec Grappa
(50cl, 39%)
The Aniapa Malbec Grappa is made by the Sol de Los Andes distillery in Mendoza, Argentina. Using Malbec grapes, they have produced a powerfully flavoursome drink, rich with strawberry notes.  More info
Bepi Tosolini's Grappa di Chardonnay is made with the pomace of Chardonnay grapes. The producers recommend you enjoy this at between 10 and 12C…  More info
Presented in a premium decanter and wooden presentation box, the Bepi Tosolini Grappa Di Friulano is an aged grappa made using pomace from the Friulano grape. After distillation, Bepi Tosolini matures...  More info
Owners of the oldest operating distillery in Italy, Nardini, have produced a higher abv distillation of their classic Nardini Grappa Bianca, bottled at 60% abv for an intense, spicy premium grappa...  More info
A 35cl half bottle of delicious Italian grappa from Bepi Tosolini, Moscato Rosa is distilled from the grape of the same name before a 6 month maturation in stainless steel.  More info
To reach out to people who might have found the 50% abv of Nardini Grappa slightly daunting, the company has released a 40% abv edition of their Italian spirit. While it still shines with the...  More info
This is a 50cl bottle of superb Grappa distilled from the pomace of Merlot grapes. It's produced in Italy by Bepi Tosolini.  More info
A traditionally styled Grappa, made by Domenis in Cividale del Friuli in the north of Italy. The Storica Nera Grappa is rich with hints of bell pepper, herbs and a subtle sweetness.  More info
This is a white Grappa made using the pomace of two types of grape - the Vespolina and the Nebbiolo. It comes from the Luigi Francoli company in Novara.  More info
This is a 1.5 litre magnum bottle of Grappa from Bepi Tosolini, distilled from the must of Picolit grapes.  More info
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