Gin is a quintessentially English tipple, and it is essentially neutral spirit with a predominant juniper flavour and at its best, gin makes for a sublimely refreshing, perfumed spirit. There are two main styles of gin: Distilled Gin and Compound Gin. The former is made by redistilling spirit with botanicals, and the latter is created by steeping the botanicals in the spirit. Both create markedly different flavours.


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Bathtub Gin
(70cl, 43.30%)
Bathtub Gin is a truly wonderful spirit created by Professor Cornelius Ampleforth. It is made with the ancient method of Cold Compounding, and this involves macerating a botanical mix (including...  More info
A 40 year old bottle of Old Gentry London Dry Gin, produced by Hill Thomson & Co. in the 1960s. The company also made blended Scotch whisky around this time, including the Queen Anne blend.  More info
This is an Elderflower Gin from Knockeen Hills. It is a London 'Cut' Gin, meaning that the botanicals were cut and distilled in London. They also use the Irish Whey Spirit as a base for the drink...  More info
Monkey 47 Dry Gin
(50cl, 47%)
Monkey 47 is a tasty dry gin produced in Germany's Black Forest. It is made with cranberries as well as 46 other botanicals, and it was awarded a Best in Class at the International Wine and Spirits...  More info
User Rating:  Rating (5.0/5)
This is a souped-up version of Professor Cornelius Ampleforth's Bathtub Gin. This edition is bottled at Navy Strength (57% abv) and the botanicals are crushed prior to being infused in the spirit to...  More info
Old Tom Gin
(50cl, 42.40%)
Old Tom Gin is a sweeter style of gin which helped give the Tom Collins cocktail its name. Professor Cornelius Ampleforth decided to create this Old Tom Gin so the Handmade Cocktail Company could use...  More info
Bruichladdich's very popular Islay gin, The Botanist, has received a stylish new bottle, but the extraordinarily varied selection of botanicals that makes it so brilliantly delicious and complex...  More info
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The only gin served at the world's best restaurant (Restaurant Magazine), Noma in Copenhagen.

Spirit of Hven's Organic Gin is hand crafted on a Swedish island. Pot distillation is used to create...  More info
User Rating:  Rating (4.5/5)
Cream Gin
(70cl, 43.80%)
The core ingredient of the top London bar The Worship Street Whistling Shop's signature cocktail, The Black Cat Martini, is this Cream Gin.

This Cream Gin has been cold-distilled using fresh cream...  More info
Sloe Gin - 2014
(50cl, 33.80%)
From the laboratory of Professor Cornelius Ampleforth comes the 2014 edition of his always popular Sloe Gin. As ever, almost half a pound of Sloe Berries are used to make every bottle. The good...  More info
Harrington Dry Gin is distilled by Warner Edwards on the Falls Farm in Northamptonshire. It is made with barley spirit and is flavoured with eleven ingredients including elderflower and coriander.  More info
No. 209 Gin
(70cl, 46%)
A wonderful gin produced in San Francisco, Number 209 is named for its distillery, which was the 209th distillery registered in the USA. The spirit itself is distilled five times and it makes an...  More info
Seven Dials is a crossroads in the St Giles Parish of London with seven roads leading off it. This gin was created by the London Gin Club using seven botanicals including: juniper, coriander...  More info
A new gin from the madcap Professor Cornelius Ampleforth, cask-aged and presented at punchy Navy-Strength. Sensational in cocktails.  More info
The Times London Dry Gin
(70cl, 46.50%)
Our very own London Dry Gin, made using a combination of copper pot still and small-batch, cold-vacuum distillation.

The base spirit for The Times of London Dry Gin is distilled in a Victorian-era...  More info
User Rating:  Rating (5.0/5)
RRP £34.95
FEW Barrel-Aged Gin
(75cl, 46.50%)
A very unusual product from the Illinois-based FEW Spirits distillery, this is made with a white whiskey base and it was aged in oak barrels. You can expect a big whack of intense, spicy flavour from...  More info
Elephant Dry Gin
(50cl, 45%)
We're always happy to get new, interesting gins, and the 14 botanicals used to make Elephant Dry Gin are very exciting indeed. They have included some traditional African flavours in the mix, like...  More info
User Rating:  Rating (5.0/5)
Cask-Aged Gin
(50cl, 43.30%)
Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Cask-Aged Gin is an intense, spicy, rich spirit. The Professor’s popular Bathtub Gin is filled into tiny octave-sized casks with a volume of around 50 litres. The gin...  More info
The London Distillery Company was founded in 2011 and their distillery has been built in a creative space in Battersea, in what was originally a Victorian dairy warehouse. It is also the first whisky...  More info
This is a 50cl half litre bottle of Edinburgh Gin's superb raspberry-flavoured gin, made with juniper from Scotland.  More info
User Rating:  Rating (5.0/5)
Origin is the name of a superb range of gins which are cold-distilled from nothing but juniper sourced from a single estate. The series showcases the effects of terroir and offers the modern gin...  More info
Plymouth English Gin
(70cl, 41.20%)
Plymouth's superb gin was rated Best Gin by the BBC's Good Food Magazine. It is made in a pot still and its recipe dates all the way back to 1793!  More info
Using infusion bags, Ross Butler infuses his gin with fresh lemongrass, cardamom, coriander, cloves, cinnamon, star anise, fennel, lemon and lime for 18 hours prior to bottling. Having spent a long...  More info
Filliers Dry Gin 28
(50cl, 46%)
A small batch, copper still, dry gin from top Belgian jenever and spirits producer Filliers. Dry Gin 28 was first formulated by Firmin Filliers in 1928 and uses 28 additional botanicals as well as...  More info
A London Dry Gin made in Leicestershire with juniper and four additional botanicals from the British Countryside! Gold Medal winner at the Craft Gin Awards 2013.  More info
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