The Bitter Truth Distillery

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The Bitter Truth's superb Traveler's Set is aimed for the discerning cocktail drinker when on the move. This set includes miniature bottles of five of Bitter Truth's best bitters, including: Old Time...  More info
The Bitter Truth makes these wonderful grapefruit-flavoured bitters in Germany. Very good in a variety of cocktails, particularly anything made with citrus.  More info
The Bitter Truth's Crème de Violette is a violet-flavoured liqueur made in Germany with violets from the Alps!  More info
Incredibly rich, authentic bitters from The Bitter Truth, these are made with celery and work well in herbal cocktails or anything based on gin or vodka!  More info
Pimento Dram is a lovely German liqueur made by The Bitter Truth. It's made with Jamaican rum and allspice and it has a superb flavour.  More info
These are old-fashioned bitters from The Bitter Truth, made in Germany. Loads of spicy flavour here…  More info
This is a superb little product from The Bitter Truth (makers of some astonishing bitters). Their Orange Flower Water works wonders with sparkling wine or in a Gin Fizz…  More info
A superb Rose Water made with organic flowers and produced in a very complex manner, this is a wonderful product from The Bitter Truth. It works superbly well in Summery tipple.  More info
Spiced Chocolate Cocktail Flavouring from top producers The Bitter Truth. Use in moderation to add a fantastic new dimension to a number of cocktails.  More info
The Bitter Truth's Creole bitters are inspired by Creole flavours. The result is a superb addition to American whiskey cocktails…  More info
Made in Germany, The Bitter Truth's Orange Bitters are made with bitter orange peel, herbs and spices. They work very well in cocktails.  More info
Created by The Bitter Truth, these Thomas Henry bitters are flavoured with lemons, grapefruits and oranges from Sicily. Very good stuff - try these in an Old Fashioned!  More info
Flavoured with real peaches, The Bitter Truth Peach bitters make a wonderful addition to a plethora of tasty fruit-based cocktails. Made in Germany.  More info
Bitter Truth Elixier
(50cl, 30%)
Elixier is a German liqueur from The Bitter Truth, based on herbal Alpine digestive tonics and sweet vermouth…  More info
Produced in Germany by The Bitter Truth, this Elderflower Liqueur is made with all-natural ingredients and works very well with Champagne or neat with ice!  More info
Named after the 19th century professor and bartender Jerry Thomas, this slightly higher abv release from The Bitter Truth is still based on the bitters made by Thomas himself.  More info
Made in Germany, The Bitter Truth Apricot Brandy Liqueur is a superb fruity tipple made with apricot juice and apricot schnapps!  More info
Based on a tropical recipe, The Bitter Truth Golden Falernum is made with rum from the Caribbean, ginger, almonds, allspice and citrus. Delicious.  More info
From the team at The Bitter Truth come these superb chocolate bitters, 'Bittermens Xocolatl Mole Bitters'. They add a sublime depth to any cocktail made with whisky or vermouth.  More info
The Bitter Truth took inspiration for their their Pink Gin from its origin - it was made by the Royal Navy as a remedy for sea-sick sailors. While this use might be considered questionable these days...  More info
The Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters offer a good deal of spiced, herbal qualities to whisky and rum cocktails, adding a complex and enjoyable assortment of flavours to your drink.  More info

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