Tanqueray Gin Distillery

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Tanqueray Rangpur
(70cl, 41.30%)
A special edition gin from Tanqueray, Rangpur is made with the limes of the same name (also known as mandarins) which give the gin a summery, zesty flavour.  More info
Tanqueray No. Ten 1l
(100cl, 47.30%)
A litre bottle of Tanqueray's classic small batch London Dry Gin, No. 10. It's named for the pot-still in which this fabulous spirit is distilled.  More info
Tanqueray No. Ten
(70cl, 47.30%)
Tanqueray No Ten is a true bartender's favourite, thanks to its huge body and superb fragrance. It works wonders when used in a Dry Gin Martini with a twist of grapefruit thrown in for good measure!  More info
A wonderful gin, Tanqueray Export Strength is spicy and citrusy and great in a variety of applications!  More info
A litre bottle of Tanqueray's classic dry gin "Export Strength". Very, very good in a Dry Martini!  More info
Tanqueray Old Tom Gin
(100cl, 47.30%)
Strictly 1 Per Customer

Tanqueray Old Tom Gin is a limited edition interpretation of a recipe dating back to 1835 from Charles Tanqueray's recipe book. Sweeter than your standard gin, it makes for...  More info
A lovely gift and a beautiful-looking set, this contains a bottle of the crisp, dry Tanqueray Export Strength gin and a Spanish Copa glass with which to serve a variety of wonderful long drinks.  More info
Tanqueray Malacca Gin
(100cl, 40%)
Malacca is a delicious limited edition gin from Tanqueray which was re-launched in the beginning of 2013. This very special gin uses increased levels of spice and citrus and it’s a decidedly sweeter...  More info
Tanqueray Export Strength
(70cl, 47.30%)
An exquisite dry gin from Tanqueray, this Export Strength bottling is 47.3% abv. Expect plenty of citrus and juniper flavour.  More info
This is the 1 litre bottle of the higher ABV Tanqueray Export Strength, which is bottled at 47.3% ABV.  More info
A delicious and handsome-looking gift, this contains a bottle of the superb Tanqueray Export Strength (great in Martinis!) as well as a beautiful cocktail shaker.  More info
This 1980s bottling of Tanqueray Export Strength is bottled at 47.3% abv.  More info

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