Springbank Whisky Distillery

Campbeltown's Springbank distillery is an unusual one, for it produces three distinct styles of whisky, including the legendary Springbank, Longrow and Hazelburn. These are made unique by vastly different production techniques which make use of the distillery's three stills as well as varying peat levels. Put simply, Hazelburn is a supple, triple-distilled malt; Longrow is a peated, double-distilled whisky; and Springbank is a just lightly peated and is distilled "two and a half times"! Despite the distillery's relatively small capacity, Springbank has gained much critical exclaim for its core range and its use of unusual cask types in maturation.

Springbank Whisky Distillery

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The second batch of That Boutique-y Whisky Company's Springbank is an oily, coastal malt, typical of the Campbeltown region. It has a wonderful comic book-style label featuring a drawing of...  More info
A bottle of 10 year old whisky, produced at Campbeltown's Springbank distillery. This is one of three styles distilled at Springbank, the other two being Longrow and Hazelburn. This particular example...  More info
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Hazelburn 12 Year Old
(70cl, 46%)
A triple-distilled single malt from Springbank, Hazelburn 12 year old was first launched in August 2009.  More info
Longrow 18 Year Old
(70cl, 46%)
An 18 year old, peaty whisky distilled at Springbank, Longrow is a muscular, intense Campbeltown single malt.  More info
Batch 6 of 12 year old Springbamk single malt Scotch whisky, from the Campbeltown region, bottled at cask strength. A savoured and much enjoyed dram whenever a new batch is released.  More info
This Springbank single malt Scotch whisky from the Campbeltown region matured for four years in bourbon barrels before having a second maturation period of five years in Gaja Borolo casks. An...  More info
This is a bottling of Hazelburn single malt Scotch whisky, which is known for being triple distilled at the Springbank distillery. As part of the Rundlets & Kinderkins series, it was matured for 10...  More info
This is a bottling of the first whisky made with organically grown barley, distilled by Springbank and bottled under the Dà Mhìle name, which means 2000 in Gaelic (it was produced for the Millennium)...  More info
Part of the elegant Duncan Taylor Single range of independently bottled whiskies. This is a 20 year old Sprinkbank single malt, which matured in Sherry oak from December 1993 to March 2014, before...  More info
Springbank's 15 year old is a rich, sherried Campbeltown malt with great flavour. Expect oodles of flavour from this one…  More info
The second edition of Springbank's excellent 18 year old was named the Best Campbeltown Malt at the 2010 World Whiskies Awards. Expect big, coastal, oily flavour from this one…  More info
Longrow Peated
(70cl, 46%)
Longrow is a peated whisky from the Springbank distillery. Very good stuff - muscular and full-bodied.  More info
This is the fifth batch of Springbank’s wonderful 12 year old – a cask-strength, rich, malty Campbeltown single malt.  More info
Distilled in June 1997, this single cask release of Springbank 16 year old whisky matured for ten years in a refill bourbon barrel, followed by six years in a Maderia cask. A limited release of 630...  More info
Springbank CV
(70cl, 46%)
Springbank's CV is a mix of all the various styles and ages of whisky produced at the distillery - quite literally a liquid CV!  More info
Springbank 21 year old is a rich, full-bodied Campbeltown whisky with a very complex flavour.  More info
Bottled for the Old & Rare Platinum from Hunter Laing, this 17 year old Springbank single malt Scotch whisky is a fine example of Campeltown whisky. A limited release of 270 bottles, all presented...  More info
A high-strength single malt from Springbank, Longrow 100 proof is aged in bourbon casks for ten years.  More info
Douglas Laing have bottled this sherry cask fifteen year old Springbank for their Director's Cut series.  More info
A brilliant whisky from Springbank, aged for 12 years. The first six years were spent in refill bourbon barrels, with the last six spent in Calvados casks!  More info
This is a delicious cask-strength Springbank from That Boutique-y Whisky Company, offering up the classic Campbeltown flavour and packaged in a beautiful bottle featuring a comic book-style label with...  More info
Hazelburn 8 Year Old
(70cl, 46%)
A delicious unpeated, triple-distilled 8 year old single malt from Springbank, this fine Hazelburn was produced as part of a limited release of just 5,100 bottles.  More info
Part of the Cadenhead Duthies selection, this is an 11 year old Springbank single malt, matured in a single rum cask. These aren't used as often as bourbon or Sherry casks for whisky maturation, so...  More info
This dark single malt Scotch whisky from the Campbeltown distillery of Springbank gained its extraordinary colour over 13 years in sherry casks. No artificial colouring has been added to this...  More info
Hazelburn CV
(70cl, 46%)
Hazelburn CV is a very good Campbeltown whisky from the Springbank distillery. It's unpeated and distilled three times.  More info
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