Professor Cornelius Ampleforth Branded Spirits

Professor Cornelius Ampleforth is the producer of a range of madcap spirits, made in his laboratory replete with bubbling beakers, vials, bottles and botanicals as far as the eye can see. He created Bathtub Gin in 2011, and since then has released various other unusual spirits including a 91.2%ABV Cold-Distilled Absinthe, as well as a Cask-Aged Gin...

Professor Cornelius Ampleforth Branded Spirits

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Bathtub Gin
(70cl, 43.30%)
Bathtub Gin is a truly wonderful spirit created by Professor Cornelius Ampleforth. It is made with the ancient method of Cold Compounding, and this involves macerating a botanical mix (including...  More info
(70cl, 42.60%)
Rumbullion! is a delicious spiced rum from Professor Cornelius Ampleforth. It is based on rich, hearty high proof Caribbean rum and it's flavoured with orange peel, Madagascan vanilla, cardamom...  More info
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This is a souped-up version of Professor Cornelius Ampleforth's Bathtub Gin. This edition is bottled at Navy Strength (57% abv) and the botanicals are crushed prior to being infused in the spirit to...  More info
This is the Navy Strength version of Professor Cornelius Ampleforth's Rumbullion! bottled at 57% abv. A Caribbean rum is the base for this tasty spiced concoction which boasts notes of cardamom and...  More info
Old Tom Gin
(50cl, 42.40%)
Old Tom Gin is a sweeter style of gin which helped give the Tom Collins cocktail its name. Professor Cornelius Ampleforth decided to create this Old Tom Gin so the Handmade Cocktail Company could use...  More info
A new gin from the madcap Professor Cornelius Ampleforth, cask-aged and presented at punchy Navy-Strength. Sensational in cocktails.

To create this libation, the professor ages the intense Bathtub...  More info
Cherry Brandy - 2013
(50cl, 27.80%)
Professor Cornelius Ampleforth's Cherry Brandy is delightfully different to most cherry brandies, which are produced using neutral spirit and flavouring. Rather than follow the crowd, the Professor...  More info
Cold-Distilled Absinthe
(50cl, 91.20%)
This is the Cold-Distilled Absinthe from Professor Cornelius Ampleforth. The botanicals, which include Wormwood, Aniseed, Fennel and Liquorish, are cold-distilled to maintain their freshness...  More info
Sloe Gin - 2014
(50cl, 33.80%)
From the laboratory of Professor Cornelius Ampleforth comes the 2014 edition of his always popular Sloe Gin. As ever, almost half a pound of Sloe Berries are used to make every bottle. The good...  More info
Christmas Mulled Cup
(50cl, 26.40%)
The Christmas Mulled Cup from Professor Cornelius Ampleforth is a brilliant creation designed to remove as much hassle from making mulled wine as possible, leaving more time to greet the carolers at...  More info
Summer Fruit Cup
(50cl, 31.20%)
The Summer Fruit Cup is a quintessentially English drink, so Professor Cornelius Ampleforth has produced his own. Cucumber, strawberries, oranges and mint are macerated in wheat spirit before being...  More info
Rumbullion! XO 15 Years Old is a well-aged expression of one of Professor Cornelius Ampleforth's most beloved creations, Rumbullion! The stunning Caribbean rum was matured for at least 15 years, which...  More info
Cask-Aged Gin
(50cl, 43.30%)
Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Cask-Aged Gin is an intense, spicy, rich spirit. The Professor’s popular Bathtub Gin is filled into tiny octave-sized casks with a volume of around 50 litres. The gin...  More info
Besmoked Vodka
(70cl, 40.20%)
Produced by Professor Cornelius Ampleforth, Besmoked Vodka is a superb spirit made by infusing top-quality vodka with smoke from maple, apple, cherry, pecan and hickory wood!  More info
Proprietary Barley Spirit Drink is a tasty whisky-based concoction from Professor Cornelius Ampleforth, based on the days of old. It's made with 10 year old, cask-strength single malt whisky from...  More info
Sloe Gin - 2013
(50cl, 33.80%)
Professor Cornelius Ampleforth's new Sloe Gin for 2013 still uses almost half a pound of sloes to produce each bottle, which are presented at an impressive 33.8% abv. Using the same cold compounded...  More info
Cask-Aged Gin - Batch 4
(50cl, 43.30%)
Batch four of Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Cask-Aged Gin is an intense, spicy, rich spirit. It started out life as the Professor’s popular Bathtub Gin. This was filled into tiny octave-sized casks...  More info
Cask-Aged Gin - Batch 3
(50cl, 43.30%)
This is a Cask-Aged Gin from Professor Cornelius Ampleforth. The Professor took his famous Bathtub Gin and put it in octave (50 litre) casks for six months. The result is a rich gin with additional...  More info

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