Johnnie Walker Branded Whisky

Johnnie Walker was created by John Walker, a whisky merchant who ran a store in Ayrshire, Scotland. The whiskies he produced were well-received, and the brand he built was left to his son Alexander who ran the company with John's grandson, Alexander II. The popularity continued to grow and the first Walker blend was created in 1865, and named Walker's Old Highland, and it wasn't until 1870 that the company's distinctive rectangular bottle was introduced. Throughout the 20th century, the Walker family continued to add to the brand, introducing the name "Johnnie Walker" in 1908, as well as using the colour-based naming system. Today, there is a large range of blends, from the ubiquitous Black Label, up to the legendary Blue Label - an old, rich, muscular blended Scotch whisky.

Johnnie Walker Branded Whisky

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Johnnie Walker's new Platinum is an 18 year old blend pitched somewhere between the brand's famous Gold and Blue Label whiskies. Very smartly packaged too.  More info
Johnnie Walker's Double Black was first released in 2011. It is a slightly peatier version of the classic blend - Black Label. This is delicious…...  More info
Johnnie Walker's Gold Label Reserve replaces the previous classic "Gold Label 18". This is a fabulous blended whisky based on malt from the Clynelish distillery.  More info
This extraordinarily presented triple malt from Johnnie Walker is based on Alexander Walker's notes, the member of the Walker family who also designed the first swing bottle (a bottle that does not...  More info
A limited edition bottling of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, which takes inspiration from the precious metal the blend is named after; gold. Made with single malt whisky from the Clynelish...  More info
Johnnie Walker Swing
(70cl, 40%)
Johnnie Walker Swing is a very handsome whisky packaged in a unique bottle which rocks back and forth when pushed!  More info
Johnnie Walker's famous Black Label is a blend of around forty different whiskies, all of which were aged for a minimum of 12 years.  More info
Johnnie Walker Blue Label is an extraordinarily fantastic premium blended whisky, being the brand's rarest whisky in their core range. In partnership with the London luxury goods designer Alfred...  More info
King George V is a wonderful whisky from Johnnie Walker, released to commemorate the first Royal Warrant given to the company. It is made with some of Johnnie Walker’s finest stocks, and includes malt...  More info
A 1.5 litre bottle of the blended whisky, Johnnie Walker Black Label. This is a classic Scotch, enjoyed the world over. In fact, it was rated with an impressive 94 points in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible.  More info
One of the most popular blended Scotch whisky brands, Johnnie Walker has a large repertoire of expressions. Their Black Label blends is their 12 year old blend. This edition comes with a stylish...  More info
This is a 35cl half bottle of the classic 12 year old blended whisky, Johnnie Walker Black Label. This is made by blending around 40 different whiskies together.  More info
A true classic blended whisky, Johnnie Walker's famous Red Label was created in 1909. It's great value for money, and was even awarded 87.5 points by Jim Murray in his Whisky Bible.  More info
A 1.5 litre, magnum bottle of the classic Johnnie Walker Red Label - a world-renowned blend first created in 1909. A great everyday dram and superb as a mixer.  More info
An incredibly popular blend from Johnnie Walker, Black Label 12 Year Old is expertly blended with almost 40 different whiskies. This bottle comes from the 1970s, a rare collectible.  More info
Johnnie Walker Red Label made in the 1970s, over 30 years ago. A collectible antique for drinks enthusiasts.  More info
Bottled in the 1970s, this is a rare piece for Johnnie Walker fans - their Black Label 12 year old blended Scotch whisky, from over 30 years ago.  More info
A 1970s bottling of Johnnie Walker's classic Red Label.  More info
This is a half bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label, one of the most famous blended whiskies in the world. This bottle is an antique, produced in the 1950s.

Please note that the label does not state...  More info
An unmistakable whisky, Johnnie Walker Red Label is a classic. This 1 litre bottle dates from the 1970s.  More info
Rare and incredibly collectible, this is a 3 litre bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label, one of the brand's most iconic blends. This bottling comes from the 1960s, and also includes the original bottle...  More info
A truly legendary blend, Johnnie Walker's Blue Label is rich and slightly smoky and made up of some very old, rare whiskies.  More info
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Johnnie Walker Swing is a rather aptly named product, as the bottle rocks back and forth when it's pushed. It was created in the 1930s by Sir Alexander Walker, a master blender and grandson of Johnnie...  More info
A very special commemorative edition of the classic blend, Johnnie Walker Black Label. This was released to celebrate the brand's 100th anniversary, and the blend itself was awarded a whopping 94...  More info
Legendary amongst whisky collectors, Johnnie Walker's Swing Superior is an ancient blended whisky packaged in a distinctive bottle which literally swings back and forth!  More info
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