Ditta Bortolo Nardini Liqueur Distillery

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A very special grappa from Nardini, the Riserva is made for those with a taste for a sweeter, warming palate than the original Bianco. Selectively chosen Italian grape pomace create the spirit, which...  More info
Nardini Grappa Bianca
(70cl, 50%)
The Nardini distillery and grapperia was opened in 1779 by Bortolo Nardini. For over 200 years, it has been producing fantastic grappa shipped worldwide, making it the oldest operating distillery in...  More info
Infused with juniper berries from Mount Grappa, Italy, along with a mix of botanicals, this grappa based liqueur is incredibly unique in almost every way. The unexpected directions Nardini took with...  More info
In order to introduce more people to grappa, the Italian grape pomace spirit, one of Italy's biggest producers has bottled it at different strengths to appeal to a wider audience. The Smooth 40, as...  More info
Nardini Grappa Ruta
(70cl, 43%)
A sensuous, seductive grappa flavoured with rue, a bitter herb that is said to be an aphrodisiac, the Nardini Grappa Ruta is wonderfully intense. The spring of rue in the bottle gives it a naturally...  More info
A spectacular digestif, the Nardini l'Amaro Liqueur has three main flavours, Peppermint, orange and gentian, a Chinese root that gives the drink a thrilling liquorice finish. To bring these three...  More info
Owners of the oldest operating distillery in Italy, Nardini, have produced a higher abv distillation of their classic Nardini Grappa Bianca, bottled at 60% abv for an intense, spicy premium grappa...  More info
Nardini continue to impress in the liqueur world with their Mandorla, an almond liqueur that has a natural bitterness to it. While this might off some, the Mandorla is made with a cherry distillate...  More info
To reach out to people who might have found the 50% abv of Nardini Grappa slightly daunting, the company has released a 40% abv edition of their Italian spirit. While it still shines with the...  More info
A cocktail from the wonderful Nardini distillery and grapperia in Italy. Combining the beautifully fruity grappa with a selection of spices, cherry juice and other fresh ingredients, they have created...  More info
Nardini il Bitter 1l
(100cl, 24%)
A bold aperitivo that uses a traditional recipe from the 19th century, the Nardini il Bitter is traditional down to a tee. Herbs, spices and a strong current of orange give it a big, natural burst of...  More info
Utilising the Cedro lemon, which has a much sharper juice that you would expect, give the Nardini Acqua di Cedro its unexpected dry after taste. This is definitely a worthwhile alteration. It is not...  More info
Nardini il Rosso is a much sweeter style of apertivo compared to the traditionally bitter-sweet drink. It still maintains some bitter elements, but the balance of the Rosso leans further on the side...  More info
When Nardini aren't producing some of the finest grappa, they're working hard to make a great selection of aperitivos, and the Rabarbaro is an absolute delight. The Chinese rhubarb has lots of flavour...  More info

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