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Campari 1l - 1980s
(100cl, 25%)
This one litre bottling of Campari is from the 1980s and was originally produced for the duty free market.  More info
Campari 100cl - 1970s
(100cl, 25%)
Campari Bitters have been adding richly spiced notes to cocktails since the 19th century, when it was invented by Gaspare Campari in Milan. This is a 100cl bottle of Campari Bitters made in the 1970s.  More info
A rare old 1970s bottling from the Campari company, containing their rare old bittersweet cordial liqueur...  More info
Bottled in 1958, this 50cl bottle of Campari Cordial is a rare piece that is sure to be greatly adored if added to an antique spirit collection.  More info
This raspberry flavoured Italian liqueur was bottled in 1963. A rare and collectible bottle.  More info
A classic 50cl bottling of Campari Cordial, the bitter-sweet raspberry flavoured liqueur, which was bottled in 1963.  More info
Rare and collectible, this is a 1970s Campari Cordial, still in its original, stylish Art Deco tin.  More info
Campari Cordial from the 1970s. This bottle includes a handsome presentation tin featuring a classic painting.  More info
No longer widely available, Campari Cordial is tough to find. This antique bottling was produced in the 1970s. It comes in the original presentation box.  More info
A rare bottle of the bittersweet Campari Cordial, complete with a very elegant presentation box, produced in the 1980s.  More info
Campari - 1970s
(70cl, 25%)
A beautiful Campari from the 1970s. Proof that they've always been masters of their craft.  More info
An well preserved bottle of Campari Cordial from 1958, a collector's item.  More info
Campari 25% - 1970s
(75cl, 25%)
This is a very well preserved bottle of Campari Bitters, that well known bitters perfect for all manner of cocktails. Bottled in the 1970s.  More info
This is a very rare bottle of Campari's classic Cordial - a white, bittersweet Italian liqueur flavoured with roots and herbs. This was made and bottled in 1967 and is quite the collectible. It'll...  More info
A classic bottle of Campari Cordial, a bitter-sweet raspberry flavoured liqueur from Italy. This bottling was produced between the start of the 1950s and the end of the 1960s.  More info
Campari 1.5ltr
(150cl, 25%)
This is a 1.5 litre bottle of Campari - a bittersweet Italian aperitif which works well when served long with soda and a thick slice of orange.  More info
An incredibly rare bottle of Campari Cordial, from 1949-59. The label is slightly torn in places.  More info
Campari Cordial is a wonderful white bittersweet Italian liqueur which works wonderfully in cocktails. This is an incredibly rare edition which was bottled in 1964.  More info
With a bittersweet flavour, this is a very rare bottle of Campari's collectible liqueur Campari Cordial. This was bottled in 1958 and will work well in a variety of cocktails.  More info
A 1961 bottling of Campari Cordial, a raspberry flavoured liqueur. This is a rare and collectible item.  More info
This bottle of Campari Bitters, the classic Italian liqueur that really makes a Negroni such a great cocktail, was produced in the 1970s.  More info

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