Buffalo Trace Whiskey Distillery

The Buffalo Trace distillery was built in 1857, and was the first in America to make use of steam power. It was named for the Great Buffalo Trace - a wide path beaten by buffalo near the banks of the Kentucky river. The distillery was actually the first to ship its whiskey down the Mississippi, and it was very fortunate for during Prohibition it was one of just four allowed to continue distilling whisky for medicinal uses. After Prohibition was repealed, the distillery was managed by Albert Blanton who was a very dedicated distiller. In 1999, the distillery began producing a range of premium bourbons, including Blanton's and Eagle Rare, and today Buffalo Trace is critically acclaimed.

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A single barrel Eagle Rare release aged for 10 years. Excellent value for this delicious bourbon.  More info
Blanton's Straight From The Barrel is a regular release of their stunning single barrel bourbon which has been bottled at cask strength. Cask 77 produced excellent bourbon that comes at the rather...  More info

Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch bourbon utilises adapted techniques and recipes used by Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr. in the 1800s, when he helped revolutionise the bourbon...  More info
A very, very good bourbon, Blanton's Special Reserve is a fabulous whiskey and every bottle is filled, labelled and sealed by hand, as well as being individually numbered. Great stuff.  More info
Buffalo Trace
(70cl, 40%)
One of our favourite bourbons, Buffalo Trace is a consistent, great all-rounder with hugely spicy, vanilla flavours. Lovely stuff.  More info

Colonel E.H. Taylor Single Barrel bourbon ages in a warehouse that was built by the man the bourbon is named after, Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr., in 1881. The barrels...  More info
Stagg Jr.
(75cl, 67.20%)
Stagg Jr. comes from a good heritage. It's produced by Buffalo Trace in the same style as their incredibly popular George T. Stagg bourbon, but made with younger whiskies. This doesn't stop it from...  More info
Sazerac Straight Rye
(70cl, 45%)

A true classic rye whiskey produced at Buffalo Trace, Sazerac Straight Rye is named for the renowned New Orleans Coffee House, the birthplace of the legendary Sazerac...  More info
Wonderful orange bitters produced by Gary Regan, this is superb when used in an Old Fashioned or any other bourbon-based tipple!  More info
Hancock's President's Reserve is a tasty single barrel bourbon distilled at the Buffalo Trace distillery in Kentucky. Loads of flavour here.  More info
A 12 year old Wheated Bourbon from Buffalo Trace, William Larue Weller is a smooth, supple whiskey named for the man credited as the first distiller of this style of bourbon…  More info

Using wheat instead of the traditional rye in bourbon was a production method pioneered William Weller Laure, and Buffalo Trace still does it today in the William Laure...  More info
Rock Hill Farms was awarded an impressive 96 points by Wine Enthusiast, who described it simply with one word: "wow"! This fabulous single barrel bourbon was even Recommended by Whisky Magazine.  More info

Part of Buffalo Trace's Antique Collection, the Sazerac 18 Year Old Straight Rye is always widely acclaimed, especially from Jim Murray, who awarded the 2008 edition 97.5...  More info

A delicious single barrel bourbon produced at the Buffalo Trace distillery, Eagle Rare 17 year old is a thick, spicy whiskey.  More info
This lovely gift set from Buffalo Trace comes with a 70cl bottle of their excellent Kentucky Straight Bourbon, a Julep Tin and a cocktail book, which helps you put the sweet, spicy bourbon and the tin...  More info
Was: £29.65
Now: £21.45

This is the 2013 edition of George T. Stagg Bourbon, part of Buffalo Trace's annual Antique Collection. A stunning Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey that is always...  More info
A wonderful single barrel bourbon from the Buffalo Trace distillery, this is matured in white oak casks before bottling. Blanton's Original offers a creamy, unctuous flavour with oodles of spice.  More info
Experience what Blanton's bourbon tastes like in the cask with their Straight From The Barrel range. Barrel 68 produced this batch of fantastic bourbon, which has been bottled at 65.85% abv.  More info
Blantons bourbon taken from a single barrel at a natural cask strength of 64.25% abv. Deliciously spicy whiskey beautifully presented.  More info
Produced at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky and aged in Warehouse H, Blanton's Original Single Barrel has always been one of the most well respected bourbons in the drinks world. This...  More info
When it was released, Blanton's Original Single Barrel bourbon was the first of its kind. Since then, it has continued to be just as incredible. This bottling comes from barrel 202.  More info
Blanton's Original Single Barrel is well known for being the first single barrel bourbon commercially available and for being absolutely brilliant. It has vivid and delicious notes of vanilla, orange...  More info

The Thomas H Handy Sazerac Rye Whiskey is released once a year as part of Buffalo Trace's Antique Collection. This is the 2013 edition of the critically acclaimed spirit...  More info
Classic Blanton's Original Single Barrel bourbon, coming from barrel 28 which was emptied on June 6th, 2012. This bourbon is always awe-inspiring, and we think you'll agree.  More info
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