Blackwoods Distillery

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A 2012 vintage dry gin from the Shetlands courtesy of the excellent Blackwoods. The botanicals used come from the Shetland Islands and the packaging has been revamped.  More info
After distilling their grain vodka five times, Blackwoods use a process called bonification to infuse it with a small selection of botanicals, giving it a subtle, unique palate. These botanicals (sea...  More info
Produced using handpicked Shetland botanicals to give their gin an authentic flavour profile, the Blackwoods 2012 Vintage Dry Gin is rich with fresh, delicious notes of juniper, angelica and meadow...  More info
A 2007 vintage premium dry gin from the Shetlands, Blackwoods is superb stuff. Bottled at high proof, this is made with botanicals foraged in Summer 2007, including wild water mint, sea pink, meadow...  More info
This is a superb vodka distilled three times over Nordic Birch charcoal in the Shetland islands. Blackwoods Vodka is the very first vodka to be 'ice-filtered' and the result is staggeringly good.  More info
A 2008 vintage from the Shetlands, this expression from Blackwoods offers loads of flavour. It was made with a selection of locally foraged botanicals including coriander, meadow sweet, sea pink, wild...  More info
This is the 2006 vintage of Blackwoods extraordinary dry gin. It's made in the Shetland islands using a mix of locally sourced botanicals including sea pink, meadow sweet, bog myrtle and wild water...  More info
This is a vintage gin from Blackwoods, distilled in the Shetlands in 2007 and flavoured with sea pink, meadow sweet, wild water mint and elderflower.  More info
This is a limited edition, high-proof version of Blackwoods delicious Vintage Dry Gin. It was made in 2006 using a range of plants gathered in Scotland including meadow sweet, sea pink, elderflower...  More info
Produced in the Shetlands, Blackwoods Cucumber Vodka is made by re-distilling Blackwood's vodka over a tray of cucumber slices. The result is a beautiful spirit with an authentic, fresh flavour.  More info
Blackwoods is an astounding vintage gin produced in the Shetland Islands. This example was distilled in 2005 and the botanicals include a variety of local ingredients including juniper, wild water...  More info

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