Ardmore Whisky Distillery

Ardmore was built by Adam Teacher in 1898, and it is located just by Knockandy Hill nearby the railway line to Aberdeen. The distillery was built with the sole intention of producing whisky for the Teacher's blend, and it is one of the largest distilleries in Scotland, distilling mostly peated whisky. It was one of the last distilleries in Scotland to use coal-fired stills, but eventually converted to steam in 2003. Two years later, the distillery was bought by Beam Global and the production capacity was later increased from 3 to 5.1 million litres per year. In 2007, the first official release came from the distillery in the form of Ardmore Traditional, a bourbon-matured, quarter cask-finished whisky. Independent releases also flaunt the smoky, peaty character, quite at odds with the fact it is a Speyside distillery!

Ardmore Whisky Distillery

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Ardmore Traditional
(70cl, 46%)
Ardmore's Traditional Cask was launched in 2007, and was the first official single malt bottling from the distillery. 'Traditional' is a young, malty whisky, aged in quarter casks for a sped-up...  More info
25 year old single cask Ardmore single malt Scotch whisky, independently bottled for the Pearls of Scotland range. This Speyside single malt was distilled in April 1988 and bottled in February 2014...  More info
This is a 14 year old Ardmore single malt Scotch whisky, matured in a refill barrel from May 2000 to May 2014. A release of 176 bottles, as part of Douglas Laing's Old Particular selection.  More info
Ardmore 25 Year Old
(70cl, 51.40%)
Ardmore's 25 year old is a superb cask-strength, peated single malt whisky and is more of a traditional Speyside malt in style - malty and robust.  More info
Atypical of the Speyside region, Ardmore is a smoky, peaty single malt. This expression was distilled in February 1996, and aged for 16 years in a single refill hogshead. It was bottled for the Old...  More info
This is a 9 year old single cask Ardmore from the Provenance range. It was distilled in Autumn 2003, aged in a refill barrel and was bottled in Winter 2013.  More info
A 13 year old Ardmore distilled in 1999 and released by Signatory in 2012, an outturn of 386 bottles.  More info
A delicious Speyside malt, this was distilled at Ardmore in early 1996 before a 15 year refill hogshead maturation. It was bottled by Douglas Laing in 2011 and comes from the Old Malt Cask range. Just...  More info
This was distilled at the Ardmore distillery in 1990 before a 22 year maturation. It was then bottled for Signatory's Cask Strength Collection.  More info
A peated Speyside whisky, this was distilled at Ardmore in 1999 and aged in a pair of bourbon hogsheads for 12 years before bottling for Signatory's Un-Chillfiltered Collection.  More info
A 2003 vintage Ardmore from Douglas Laing's Provenance range, this was distilled in the Autumn and aged in a bourbon barrel for 8 years before bottling in Winter 2011.  More info
This Ardmore comes from Gordon and MacPhail. It was distilled in 1993 and offers up a slightly smoky take on the classic Speyside flavour.  More info
This extraordinary Speyside malt was distilled at Ardmore in early 1990. It was then aged for 21 years in a pair of wine-treated bourbon barrels before bottling in the Summer of 2011 for Signatory's...  More info
This was distilled at Ardmore in 2003 before a 7 year maturation. A delicious whisky from Douglas Laing's Provenance range.  More info
This is an 11 year old Ardmore from Signatory's Un-Chillfiltered Collection. It was distilled in 1999 before a maturation in two hogsheads.  More info
A delicious single cask Ardmore from Signatory's Cask Strength Collection, this was distilled in February 1990 before a 20 year maturation in wine-treated barrel number 30118. It was bottled in 2010...  More info

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