Japanese Whisky

Japan is known today as the home for some of the world’s greatest whisky distilleries. In fact, the whisky produced there is made in a very Scottish way, and is often described as being somewhere between Speyside and Lowland whisky in character. The industry in Japan must be credited to two men: Shinjiro Torii, who founded Suntory and built the first distillery – Yamazaki – in 1923, and Masataka Taketsuru, who travelled to Scotland to learn whisky production, before returning and building the Yoichi distillery.

Japanese Whisky
One of our all-time favourite Japanese whiskies, From the Barrel is a superb blended malt made with whisky from Nikka's award-winning single malt distilleries  More info
This comes from Nikka's superb Taketsuru range of blended malt whiskies, named for the company's founder. The 21 year old is rich with coffee and chocolate notes and it was named the World's Best...  More info
Yoichi 10 Year Old
(70cl, 45%)
Yoichi's 10 year old is an incredible Japanese single malt from Nikka's top distillery. This has been awarded an impressive 93 points by Jim Murray, and it's easy to see why…  More info
Hibiki 17 Year Old
(70cl, 43%)
Hibiki 17 is a wonderful Japanese blended whisky produced by Suntory. It's so good it was even named Editor's Choice by Whisky Magazine!  More info
Karuizawa Spirit of Asama is available at two different strengths, 48% and this impressive 55% abv version. With whiskies from this closed distillery fetching truly staggering prices (thousands of...  More info
This is a delicious single malt from one of Japan’s most legendary whisky distilleries – Karuizawa. It was made by vatting together 77 different casks of whisky (all sherry casks), laid down in 1999...  More info
Nikka Taketsuru is a blended whisky named for the company's founder, Masataka Taketsuru. The 17 year old is complex and very fruity.  More info
A staggering Japanese whisky… Hakushu 25 year old has been lauded by the critics, with Jim Murray describing himself as being "blown away" by it…  More info
Using only malts which have matured in bourbon barrels, this 2013 release of no-age statement Yamazaki single malt Japanese whisky has been imparted with the gloriously sweet notes of vanilla caramel...  More info
This is a 12 year old blended malt from Nikka's wonderful Taketsuru range. Lots of complexity here.  More info
Nikka Pure Malt Black
(50cl, 43%)
This comes from Nikka's Pure Malt range, and the "Black" edition is distilled at Yoichi and Miyagikyo. The result is a toffee-rich, slightly peaty malt to which Jim Murray awarded 95 points!  More info
Hakushu 12 Year Old
(70cl, 43%)
Hakushu 12 year old is a superb Japanese single malt from Suntory. Loads of flavour here, and very popular with the critics!  More info
Yoichi 12 Year Old
(70cl, 45%)
A wonderful, gently peaty single malt from Japan's renowned Yoichi distillery, this 12 year old is made in directly heated stills, the result being a toffee-rich spirit…  More info
Nikka All Malt
(70cl, 40%)
Nikka All Malt is a tasty Japanese blended malt whisky made with spirit from two of Nikka's top distilleries; this contains malt whisky from Yoichi, as well as a mix of Coffey Still spirit and malt...  More info
Miyagikyo 12 Year Old
(70cl, 45%)
Miyagikyou 12 year old is a thick, rich, fruity Japanese whisky from Nikka, rated the Best Japanese Single Malt in the 12 years and under category at the 2012 World Whiskies Awards.  More info
Nikka Pure Malt White
(50cl, 43%)
Nikka Pure Malt is an excellent blended malt whisky produced at Nikka's superb malt whisky distilleries in Japan. "White" is a slightly peaty, elegant dram.  More info
A new Japanese blended whisky produced at Monde Shuzo, expect vanilla and orchid fruit with gentle spices.  More info
Puncheon casks hold 480 litres of whisky, which is over double what the standard hogshead can hold (230 litres). This results in a whisky which matures slower and tenderly extracts flavour from the...  More info
Nikka Pure Malt Red
(50cl, 43%)
From Nikka's wonderful Pure Malt range of blended malt whisky, Pure Malt Red is made with malt distilled at Miyagikyo and Yoichi and it comes together as a very creamy, fruity and almost herbal...  More info
Miyagikyo 10 Year Old
(70cl, 45%)
A delicious 10 year old Japanese whisky from the Miyagikyou distillery (sometimes written as Miyagikyo), this stuff is highly recommended!  More info
A Japanese blended whisky produced by Eigashima, rarely seen in the UK.  More info
One of our favourite Japanese whiskies, Nikka's Whisky from the Barrel is a beautifully toffee-rich, faintly smoky malt with loads of flavour. This gift set comes with a very smart cocktail glass and...  More info
Yamazaki 12 Year Old
(70cl, 43%)
Launched in 1984, Yamazaki's 12 year old was the first seriously marketed single malt from Japan. It's a beautiful dram too…  More info
Hibiki 12 Year Old
(70cl, 43%)
Hibiki is a delicious Japanese blended whisky made with malt from Hakushu and Yamazaki, and grain whisky from the Chita distillery. The spirit is matured for at least 12 years before bottling, and a...  More info
Yamazaki 18 Year Old
(70cl, 43%)
A complex sherry monster, Yamazaki 18 year old has been lauded by the critics, taking home a Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, as well as a Gold Medal at the International...  More info
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