Irish Whiskey

Known for being very smooth and supple, Irish whiskey is usually triple-distilled. The country also stakes its own claim to being the first whiskey-producing nation in the world, though of course this is hotly debated by the Scotch distillers! Ireland is certainly home to the world’s oldest licenced distillery, Bushmills, which was founded in 1608. Whiskey styles in Ireland vary from single malts, grains and blends, through to the country’s unique single pot still whiskey, which is produced by distilling both malted and unmalted barley in a pot still. This tends to be a spicy, fresh-tasting whiskey.

Irish Whiskey
Yellow Spot is a 12 year old Irish single pot still whiskey, made with three casks Spanish sherry butts, Spanish Malaga casks and bourbon barrels.  More info
Named in honour of Midleton's master distiller, Barry Crockett Legacy is aged in bourbon and new American oak barrels and they make just 2,500 bottles of this annually.  More info
Bushmills 16 Year Old
(70cl, 40%)
A rich Irish single malt aged in three different casks (bourbon, port and sherry), Bushmills 16 year old took home a gold from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2010.  More info
A 12 year old single pot still whiskey from Ireland, Powers John Lane's Reserve is aged in both bourbon and Oloroso sherry wood before bottling. Very good indeed.  More info
This is a superb small-batch blended whiskey from Ireland, produced by the Teeling Whiskey Company. It was made with a very high malt content, and rum casks were used in the maturation.  More info
Redbreast 15 Year Old
(70cl, 46%)
The 15 year old Redbreast is a wonderful single pot still whiskey from Ireland with loads of flavour.  More info
Bushmills 1608 is a classic Irish blended whiskey, and this special edition was launched to commemorate the distillery's 400th anniversary! This whiskey itself has loads of creamy flavour and it was...  More info
Redbreast 12 Year Old
(70cl, 40%)
Redbreast is an astounding "single pot still" (a designation formerly known as "pure pot still"). Aged for 12 years, this fine whiskey is a critic's favourite and it was praised particularly highly by...  More info
Jameson Gold Reserve
(70cl, 40%)
Jameson Gold Reserve is a single pot still Irish whiskey which was awarded an impressive 94 points in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible.  More info
Tyrconnell is one of the many fine whiskeys produced at the Cooley distillery in County Louth. This Irish single malt is smooth and rounded.  More info
A limited edition release of single malt Irish whiskey from Teeling. Finished in Sauternes casks, a first for an Irish whiskey, maturation firstly took place in Bourbon barrels. The first of three...  More info
Greenore 8 Year Old
(70cl, 40%)
Greenore is an single grain Irish whiskey, and this is the 8 year old expression, distilled at Cooley. It's a sweet, creamy whiskey and it even took home a Gold from the International Wine and Spirits...  More info
A proudly Irish whiskey, The Irishman Single Malt is triple distilled and matured in a combination of bourbon and sherry barrels for over a decade before being bottled in limited batches.  More info
Bushmills Black Bush
(70cl, 40%)
A handsome little blend from the world's oldest whiskey distillery, Bushmills. The malt used in Black Bush was aged for 11 years in sherry casks before blending and the result is a creamy, fruity...  More info
Teeling Single Grain
(70cl, 46%)
A wonderfully individual Irish whiskey from Teeling, this single grain expression is matured in Californian Cabernet Sauvignon wine casks to impart a selection of spicy notes to the sweet, light...  More info
A superb Irish whiskey made with the finest Irish single pot still and small batch grain whiskeys, Jameson Select Reserve is aged in bourbon and sherry casks.  More info
User Rating:  Rating (4.0/5)
Bushmills 21 Year Old
(70cl, 40%)
21 year old single malt from Bushmills matured in Oloroso Sherry, Bourbon and Madeira casks. Each bottle of this rare Irish whiskey is numbered.  More info
Feckin Irish Whiskey
(70cl, 40%)
This is a deliciously malty, honeyed, creamy Irish whiskey from the Feckin company. Expect notes of nectarine in creamy yoghurt.  More info
Bushmills 10 Year Old
(70cl, 40%)
Bushmills 10 year old is a great whiskey with an intensely creamy, yoghurt-like flavour. It's so good it was awarded 90 points by Jim Murray in his Whisky Bible, and it was even named "Best Irish...  More info
Connemara Peated
(70cl, 40%)
Connemara is Ireland's famous peated single malt, named after an area in the country. Today, Connemara whiskey is produced at the Cooley distillery.  More info
Locke's 8 Year Old
(70cl, 40%)
Locke's is an 8 year old Irish single malt whiskey produced at the Cooley distillery. Malty and supple, this is a very easy-going spirit.  More info
Knappogue Castle 1995
(70cl, 40%)
Knappogue Castle is an Irish single malt whisky which was distilled at the Bushmills distillery in 1995. It was bottled in 2008 and has a good flavour.  More info
Midleton Very Rare
(70cl, 40%)
This fine blend from Midleton truly is a "Very Rare" whiskey, produced from just 50 casks. The spirit used to make Midleton Very Rare is triple-distilled and aged for between 12 and 25 years.  More info
Jameson Irish Whiskey
(70cl, 40%)
Jameson is a very good Irish blended whiskey distilled at Midleton. It was awarded a very impressive 95 points by Jim Murray in his Whisky Bible…  More info
User Rating:  Rating (4.5/5)
(70cl, 40%)
A famous Irish blended whiskey, Kilbeggan is named for St Bécán, one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland. It's a smooth, malty blend.  More info
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