American Whiskey

Known for being a particularly rich, spicy style of spirit, American whiskey’s characteristics come in large part due to the barrels used for maturation. Typically, and always in the bourbon industry, fresh newly charred oak barrels are used to age whiskey, and the result of this is toasty wood notes and sweet vanilla flavour. Styles such as rye whiskey offer up even more spice and oily character, and there are some great examples on the market. Similar in many ways to bourbon, Tennessee whiskeys undergo something known as the Lincoln County Process, which involves filtering the spirit through sugar maple charcoal. Other styles in America include corn and wheat whiskey, as well as American single malt, and the unaged “white dog”, also known as moonshine.

American Whiskey
Old Crown Bourbon, produced in Kentucky in the 1970s and presented in a Traveler bottle for the international market.  More info
This is a superb little whisky from the Balcones distillery in Texas. It was "yard-aged" in American oak bourbon barrels before bottling in 2012. The result is a spicy and complex American single malt  More info
A fabulous 12 year old small batch Kentucky bourbon, this was named after Elijah Craig who was said to be the first man to discover the benefits of charring casks (though, by accident of course!)...  More info
A 12 year old Wheated Bourbon from Buffalo Trace, William Larue Weller is a smooth, supple whiskey named for the man credited as the first distiller of this style of bourbon…  More info
Jack Daniel's Silver Select is bottled at a higher proof than the standard expression and offers more sweetness and complexity. Every barrel that goes into this is aged in a different location in the...  More info
Blanton's Straight From The Barrel is a regular release of their stunning single barrel bourbon which has been bottled at cask strength. Cask 77 produced excellent bourbon that comes at the rather...  More info
Balcones have produced this blue corn whisky by distilling a mash of 100% blue corn and bottling it (after maturation) at 100 proof. This is a sweet, smooth and rounded style of corn whisky.  More info
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Bulleit Rye
(70cl, 45%)
From the makers of Bulleit Bourbon in Kentucky comes Bulleit Rye, an excellent whiskey made with 95% rye and 5% malted barley. The Bulleit Rye ripples with complexity and spices that won it a Double...  More info
Four Roses superb 100 proof Single Barrel is an intense, rich whiskey bottled at higher-than-usual-strength. It was named Best Bourbon Whiskey No Age in 2008 by Whisky Magazine…  More info
Rittenhouse's wonderful 100 proof is one of the finest ryes to use as a base for a Manhattan cocktail. It's full-bodied and offers up all kinds of flavour.  More info
FEW Bourbon Whiskey
(75cl, 46.50%)
FEW's superb Bourbon is made in Evanston, USA, from a mashbill of 70% corn, 20% rye and 10% two row barley malt. Very interesting stuff, aged in Minnesota oak barrels.  More info
A single barrel Eagle Rare release aged for 10 years. Excellent value for this delicious bourbon.  More info
Jack Daniels have produced this special limited edition bottling of their famous whiskey to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the opening the White Rabbit Saloon bar in Lynchburg, Tennessee which was...  More info

Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch bourbon utilises adapted techniques and recipes used by Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr. in the 1800s, when he helped revolutionise the bourbon...  More info
FEW Rye Whiskey
(75cl, 46.50%)
FEW make this delicious whiskey with 70% rye, 20% corn and 10% barley malt. The result is an incredible style of rye which works very well in cocktails.

Few Rye Whiskey was Whisky Advocate's Craft...  More info
Bulleit Bourbon
(70cl, 40%)
Bulleit bourbon is a Kentucky whiskey with a high rye content in the mashbill. The result of this is added spice and a gold medal from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2004!  More info
Knob Creek 9 Year Old
(70cl, 50%)
A superb small batch bourbon, Knob Creek is produced by Jim Beam and aged for 9 years before bottling. It is named for the creek in Kentucky near where Abraham Lincoln grew up, and it is rumoured the...  More info
Rittenhouse is a superb straight rye whiskey made in the Monongahela style. It's distilled at Heaven Hill and aged for around 4 years before bottling.  More info
Woodford Reserve is a triple-distilled bourbon, and it's filled into barrels at a low proof. The result of this is a creamy, smooth flavour with lots of character. Aged for 6 years, this is a great...  More info
Balcones Brimstone
(75cl, 53%)
Balcones smoke this corn whisky after it has been distilled rather than smoke the grain prior to mashing (like the Scottish do when malting their barley). Thanks to forward-thinking ideas such as...  More info
When Frank Sinatra was up on stage, singing one of his well known hits, it would not be unusual to see a glass of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey in his hand. A fan of the spirit, he would enjoy it...  More info
Buffalo Trace
(70cl, 40%)
One of our favourite bourbons, Buffalo Trace is a consistent, great all-rounder with hugely spicy, vanilla flavours. Lovely stuff.  More info
Breckenridge Bourbon
(75cl, 43%)
This is a rye-rich bourbon from Breckenridge in Colorado. It's aged for around two to three years in American white oak 53 gallon barrels before bottling, and the result took home a gold from the...  More info
A very, very good bourbon, Blanton's Special Reserve is a fabulous whiskey and every bottle is filled, labelled and sealed by hand, as well as being individually numbered. Great stuff.  More info
Maker's Mark
(70cl, 45%)
A brilliant whisky (NB - Maker's Mark is one of just a few distilleries in the US to spell whisky sans the "e"!) created by Bill Samuels Senior, this is made to a mashbill which uses wheat instead of...  More info
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