Calvados is one of France’s most legendary brandies and it is produced in Normandy. The spirit starts its life as pear and apple cider, which is then distilled and matured. There are more than 200 different fruit varieties permitted in the production of Calvados, and a combination of bitter, tart and sweet fruit is used for the right balance. Distillation takes place in an Alembic still (for complex Calvados with a good quality for ageing) or a column still (which results in fresh, tangy Calvados). The distilled spirit must then be aged for a minimum of two years in oak before bottling, though much of it is aged for far longer.


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Château du Breuil's Réserve du Château is an 8 year old Calvados with a beautifully nutty, creamy flavour. It was even awarded a Best in Class at the International Wine and Spirits Competition.  More info
A 'Fine' Calvados aged for 2 years, this superb spirit from Château du Breuil was awarded a "Best in Class" at the International Wine and Spirit Competition…  More info
Berneroy's XO Calvados is exceptionally good value for money. It is distilled in the heart of the Calvados region and features some very well aged spirits in its blend.  More info
Adrien Camut's Privilege is an 18 year old Calvados from the Pays D'Auge, Normandy. It is very rich and full of flavour.  More info
Created by the Etienne family, Domaine Dupont is a classic VSOP Calvados.  More info
Château du Breuil's Réserve des Seigneurs is a 20 year old 'XO' Calvados distilled from cider made using fruit from the company's 42 hectare orchards in Normandy.  More info
Berneroy's VSOP is an 8 year old Calvados, distilled in the heart of the region and aged in Limousin oak casks.  More info
3 year old Calvados from Roger Groult's distillery at Clos de la Hurvanière at the heart of the Pays d'Auge.  More info
Daron XO Extra
(70cl, 40%)
Produced in the centre of the Pays d’Auge in Calvados, Daron XO is a superb apple brandy which has been made by the same family for five generations. They use only the first press juice and the...  More info
Château du Breuil is a superb Calvados producer and their 14 year old is a prime example. Very thick and rich indeed - a superb digestif…  More info
Adrien Camut's Reserve de Semainville is a rich, full-bodied Calvados aged for around 20 to 25 years!  More info
A fabulous 17 year old Calvados from Domaine Dupont, this stuff is produced at the company's 30 hectare estate in Normandy, and it has a terrific flavour.  More info
Chauffe Coeur VSOP
(70cl, 43%)
This is a superb Calvados distilled from fruit grown in the orchards near the village of Cambremer, Normandy. Chauffe Coeur VSOP is aged for around 6 years in small, 120 litre Limousin oak barrels.  More info
This is a rich, perfumed Calvados from Henry de Querville. The bottles may contain traces of sediment but it's nothing to be alarmed by - merely the result of a rustic production method!  More info
The Roger Groult Vénérable features Calvados aged for at least 18 years - a very high quality expression that balances notes of apple, orange peel and fragrant oak. Delicious on a warm summer evening...  More info
Aged in casks for 12 years, this is a beautiful calvados from top producer Pere Magloire.  More info
This is a fabulous 12 year old Calvados from Adrien Camut, produced on the company’s own estates at Domaine de Semainville in the heart of the Pays d’Auge. The spirit is aged in oak barrels which are...  More info
Domaine Dupont 1997
(70cl, 42%)
Domaine Dupont's 1997 vintage is distilled in the heart of Normandy's Calvados region. It's made with a mix of 40% acidic apples, 30% bitter apples and 30% sweet apples.  More info
Lemorton's Vieux is a 25 year old Calvados produced in the Domfrontais region. The cider they use is actually matured in oak before distillation…  More info
A 35cl bottle of Berneroy's Fine Calvados, this is matured for at least 2 years before bottling. Creamy and rich.  More info
Domaine Dupont's Hors D'Age Calvados is matured in Loire valley oak casks for around 10 to 12 years before bottling. Great with chocolate after dinner…  More info
This is an 8 year old Calvados from Roger Groult, produced in Pays d'Auge. Groult used old French oak casks to age his expressions, which are made using over 30 types of apple. Subtle touches of...  More info
Made by the family owned distillery Boulard, their Grand Solage Calvados is a mix of eaux-de-vie which has aged between 2 to 5 years, creating a fragrant, fruity apple brandy.  More info
Lemorton Rareté is an old Calvados produced in Domfront at the south of the region. It is distilled from a mix of 70% pear and 30% apple and the cider is aged for a year in oak prior to distillation.  More info
Made by France's Calvados producing market leader, Pere Magloire, the Calvados XO is one of their premium products. Aged over 10 years, this apple brandy is absolutely mouthwatering, with bountiful...  More info
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