Absinthe is quite possibly the world’s most infamous spirit and this is because it is made using wormwood. It was once said that Grand Wormwood (known as Artemisia Absinthium), contained the drug thujone which was incorrectly believed to be a hallucinogenic. In reality, however, the societal woes based on Absinthe were actually nothing to do with the spirit. To create Absinthe, various aniseed flavours are used, including Anise, Wormwood, Fennel and a variety of other herbs and spices. The spirit comes in various styles, including Blanche, which is colourless and unaged; Verte, which is green in colour and is coloured with herbs after it is distilled; Bohemian Absinthe, which is a Czech-style spirit made with little anise and fennel, with wormwood providing the main flavour; and Spanish Absenta, which is a little sweeter thanks to the addition of Alicante anise.


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Cold-Distilled Absinthe
(50cl, 91.20%)
This is the Cold-Distilled Absinthe from Professor Cornelius Ampleforth. The botanicals, which include Wormwood, Aniseed, Fennel and Liquorish, are cold-distilled to maintain their freshness...  More info
Louche Absinthe 50cl
(50cl, 50%)
Louche Absinthe is the creation of sixth generation Master Distiller, Alain Lemercier. A French absinthe bottled at 50% alcohol by volume and styled on the Belle Époque.  More info
From the Californian distillery St. George Spirits comes a great absinthe created with ingredients such as star anise, fennel, lemon balm, hyssop and stinging nettles. It was the first legal American...  More info
Sebor Absinth
(50cl, 55%)
Sebor is a very good Absinth made to a 100 year old recipe from Switzerland. It is made with 13 herbs and is bottled at 55%abv, which is comparatively low when compared to some of the other absinthes...  More info
L'Espirit d'Edouard is a verte absinthe from Jade made to a pre-ban recipe from more than a century ago!  More info
Pernod Absinthe
(70cl, 68%)
From France's beloved pastis-maker, Pernod, comes this superb Absinthe from a company famed for opening the first absinthe distillery, doing so in 1805!  More info
Adnams Absinthe Rouge
(50cl, 66%)
Adnams Absinthe Rouge is a fantastic spirit produced by master distiller John McCarthy in Southwold. This was inspired by a traditional French recipe.  More info
Angelique is a Swiss verte absinthe flavoured with 12 botanicals. It is named after the daughter of creator Claude-Alain Bugnon.  More info
A classically styled French absinthe from La Fée, Parisienne was given a silver at the International Spirits Challenge and is made to a recipe from the 1800s!  More info
This is a premium absinthe from the Swiss distillery, Studer. Wonderfully presented and distilled according to a family recipe of 8 herbs, wormwood and the pure alpine spring water that Switzerland is...  More info
Produced in France, Trenet Premium is a popular absinthe with a dominance of wormwood and anise flavours. Very good value for money.  More info
La Maison Fontaine is a delicious Absinthe made at Pontarlier in the Jura mountain range in eastern France. It has won numerous awards and has a wonderful flavour.  More info
Adnams Absinthe Verte
(50cl, 66%)
A green, 'verte', absinthe from Southwold's Adnams Brewery, this was based on an ancient French recipe and is superb when served with water and sugar.  More info
Jade VS 1898 Absinthe
(70cl, 65%)
Jade VS is a verte Suisse absinthe made to a recipe created in the 19th century by CF Berge. This classic style is full-bodied and very intense.  More info
Jade Nouvelle-Orleans is a verte absinthe made to a recipe created by TA Breaux, who was inspired by the absinthes of New Orleans which were distilled in the early 1900s.  More info
Two Birds Absinthe
(70cl, 70%)
Made from wormwood and aniseed, this 70% abv absinthe joins Two Birds ever growing repertoire of spirits that also includes gin and vodka.  More info
Hapsburg Absinthe Classic
(50cl, 72.50%)
Absinthe has enjoyed a revival over the past decade or so, and with good reason. Its distinctive flavour profile of anise, wormwood and a carefully considered array of herbs make it an exciting...  More info
Clandestine Absinthe
(70cl, 53%)
Clandestine Absinthe is made to a recipe created by the famous distiller Charlotte Vaucher in 1935. This is a Swiss blue absinthe and is best enjoyed without sugar.  More info
La Fée's XS Francaise is a French verte absinthe made in Pontarlier to an old-fashioned recipe with locally sourced wormwood.  More info
Absente 55°
(70cl, 55%)
Absente is a mild absinthe made in France flavoured with mint, spices and aniseed.  More info
Butterfly Boston Absinthe is made to a recipe from early 20th century Boston. Very good indeed.  More info
A deliciously intense Absinthe, based on the traditional spirit enjoyed by Paris' Bohemian community, La Fée Bohemian is a very herbal, savoury tipple.  More info
By EU law, absinthe must not have more than 35mg/kg of thujone in its recipe, which is how much Hapsburg use for their Black Label Amere Absinthe. Dilute well with water before enjoying this absinthe...  More info
La Fée's XS Suisse is a wine-based Absinthe produced in Val-de-Travers in Switzerland. They use locally sourced Grand Wormwood in the recipe!  More info
La Fée Blanche
(70cl, 53%)
This is a tasty white absinthe from the renowned French producers. La Fée Blanche is made to a recipe dating back to the 19th century and is made in partnership with the French Absinthe Museum.  More info
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